September 12, 2016

Our Fall 2016 Seminar Offerings are Here!

For over 30 years Therapeutic Resources has provided cutting edge continuing education classes.

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 Upcoming Classes:

September 14                                                          5:00-8:00PM
Welcome to the New School Year 2016-2017

Presented By: Christine Knafelc, OT and Prinz Acaling, PT
This presentation is designed to help the new and returning therapist to navigate the rules and nuances of working for the New York City Department of Education as a contractor, to ensure a rewarding professional experience.

September 19                                                         5:00-8:00PM
The Early Intervention Networking and Q&A Forum

Presented by: Rochelle Friedman, ACSW
This must-attend session will explore strategies for developing and maintaining your early intervention caseload.

October 3                                                              5:00-8:00PM
Best-Practice in School-Based Therapy

Presented by:Julianne Costa, OTR/L, DPT
Therapists are constantly challenged by scheduling, lack of space and time constraints to deliver intervention that translates into improved school participation/performance. This segment will discuss a collaborative model of treatment for the school-based therapist. Review of the laws and best practice will be included. Strategies on how to assess and apply this model will be presented.

October 16                                                             5:00-8:00PM
MORE Best-Practice in School-Based Therapy

Presented by:Julianne Costa, OTR/L, DPT
Therapists are frequently asked this question as if the two are mutually exclusive. This segment will discuss the overlap of sensory and behavioral challenges. It will discuss the most under recognized sensory challenges. Participants will learn practical strategies that will impact both domains; as sensory processing and behavior are intimately related.

September 05, 2016

New Special Education Jobs

Profession: Special Educator
Population: Pediatrics
Location: Manhattan, NY
Description: Comprehensive child development program that serves young children with emotional, social, and learning disorders. Great full time opportunity awaits for a Special Education teacher to work from 8:30am-2:30pm.
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September 01, 2016

Why You Should Work In Early Intervention

A career in Early Intervention Home Care is the perfect collaboration of professionals and caregivers to work towards meeting the goals of the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) for a child.

A typical day for a full time Occupational, Physical or Speech Therapist involves between 4 and 6 family visits.   Therapists are in complete control of their schedule and location preference.   So if you still want to enjoy a Friday at the beach, you can certainly take advantage of that in these last few weeks of summer.  And if you already have a full time position and want after-hours work near your home, the availability of early intervention cases makes this an appealing career choice.

Therapeutic Resources has been a New York City Early Intervention Provider since 2001.   We are experts in the Early Intervention Program philosophy and equip our providers with knowledge, support and supervision they need for all their cases.

As August concludes and children age 3 age out of Early Intervention into CPSE, Therapeutic Resources is able to provide clinician’s looking to build up their caseload with the widest variety of options in all five boroughs.

For more information on the Early Intervention cases we have available contact Rochelle Friedman at

August 29, 2016

Welcome to the New School Year is a Must-Attend for Occupational and Physical Therapists

This annual event at Therapeutic Resources is a staple for contract Occupational and Physical Therapists working in NYC Public Schools.

Working in the school system offers the opportunity  to enjoy a flexible schedule while applying best practice and creative schools.

But to fully enjoy the benefits and rewards of being a contract Occupational or Physical Therapist you must first have a full understanding of the system and be armed to address bureaucratic challenges.

As always. this course is at no cost to our School-Based providers at Therapeutic Resources.

If you are not currently working with and register for this course, your fee is refunded once you accept any school based work.

Of course, there is plenty of time to build your perfect schedule.  We have new school positions listed ever day.   Our most up to date positions as well as information on this course can be found here:

August 12, 2016

New Schools in Manhattan Available for Physical Therapists

The following school seeks Physical Therapists for the 2016-2017 school year and are only available at Therapeutic Resources!

-West 70th Street (10023) 5 students, 10 sessions
-West 89th Street (10024) 17 students, 33 sessions
-West 110th Street (10025) 9 students, 18 sessions
-West 120th Street (10027) 7 students, 10 sessions


NEW Manhattan Schools are Available for Occupational Therapists

This week we have exclusive placement opportunities with Private Schools, Charter Schools and Yeshiva's.
Build your caseload today to create your dream schedule for the fall!

The following schools in Manhattan are seeking Occupational Therapists for the 2016-2017 school year:
-West 70th Street (16 students/35 sessions)

-West 89th Street (35 students/ 75 sessions)

-West 110th Street (33 students/51 sessions)
-West 112th Street (18 students/39 sessions)

-West 120th Street (12 students/ 23 sessions)
-West 127th Street (16 students/ 24 sessions)

-Fifth Avenue (12 students/17 sessions)

August 09, 2016

New Special Education Jobs

Profession: Special Educator
Population: Pediatrics
Location: Queens, NY
Description: Children between the ages of 8-21 that present with learning challenges have benefited from this schools' structured and supportive environment.

Based on a 12-month program, you will be working collaboratively with therapists and other special educators in order to meet each child's prescribed goals.

A Special Educator is needed for a part time position starting in mid-September.
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August 08, 2016

How Special Education Itinerant Teachers Help Students with Disabilities

Special education teachers work with children both in and outside of classrooms.

Their role is to enable students with learning disabilities to develop the skills needed to learn alongside their non-disabled peers as much as possible. At the preschool level, these teachers are known are called Special Education Itinerant Teachers, or SEITs (pronounced like “see it”).

The “itinerant” part of the SEIT acronym refers to the fact that these specialists move around — often physically, but also within the content and skills they focus on with their students. In this way, SETSS/SEIT providers are flexible in what they work on each day, with the child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) dictating the focus. SETSS/SEIT providers may work with children individually or in small groups, depending on each student’s IEP requirements.

Through these supports, though, students who learn slowly or require repetition are more likely to be able to remain in a Least Restrictive Environment, or general education classroom.  (Source:

Therapeutic Resources has seen a tremendous jump in CPSE referrals for SEIT services. We are proud to say that our team of Special Educators has access to:

-their own therapy tool library
-quarterly networking events 
-and portal access to view their entire caseload

To join our team contact Bridgette Emengo, SEIT Program Director at or call 212.589.1214.