December 23, 2011

2 Hot New Spring Seminars!


Therapy Ball Techniques For Early Childhood Development
$239 before 2.15.12; $259 after 2.15.12
March 25, 2012

Treating the Medically Fragile Child
$139; FREE if you hold an early intervention case through Therapeutic Resources
March 27th or March 29th, 2012

Therapy Ball Techniques For Early Childhood Development

This course will focus on the therapeutic value of therapy balls in the development of vestibular responses, balance, spatial orientation, body awareness, muscle strength and tone. As a foundation there will be a review of normal development of the central nervous system and a discussion of what happens in the child exhibiting delayed motor development.

Participants will be shown how to develop appropriate treatment strategies using handling techniques with the therapy ball. Through videotaped treatment sessions of children, the speaker will demonstrate effective hand placement and how to use the ball for maximum treatment impact. Participants will be able to experience actual handling and ball activities via a lab demonstration in the latter part of the workshop day.

Treating the Medically Fragile Child

When is a child considered medically fragile? What special precautions and medical considerations must be taken when treating the fragile child in the home? This evening will cover treatment interventions, contraindications, recognition of medical problems that may require referral, positioning, medical monitoring and equipment planning for this population. Videos will be used to demonstrate treatment interventions.

Participants will observe compromised children with a variety of conditions and plan treatment together.

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