December 16, 2009

TR Office Holiday Decorating Contest




Therapeutic Resources held their annual office holiday decorating contest this week. Everyone in the office was grouped into clusters of five and given $25 to decorate a specific part of the office. The groups were extraordinarily creative and inspired all of us to feel the holiday spirit.

The theme in the reception area was 'Home for the Holidays' . Pictures of all TR employees (and some pets) were hung along with stockings representing each one of us. Hand cut snow flakes adorned the area. The Early Intervention Division was decked out in a Hanukkah motif with blue and white lights, a menorah and a framed explanation of the Hanukah story. The office steps and landing were transformed into a desert holiday theme. The Therapy Staffing section was enveloped in the official TR color of purple. Purple pens, purple brochures, lights and streamers made it very festive! The little holiday houses were labeled as some of our favorite facilities. The DOE/SEIT section went with a TR Hollywood/New Years theme. During the judging, the group had noise blowers, feathers, red carpets and a video loop of pictures taken of the staff while they were decorating their respective areas. The red carpet was adorned with stars naming the TR staff (but holding pictures of movie stars). The directors chairs had stars with our pictures (Lisa and Marilyn - represented by Rachel Maddow and Portia DeRossi).

There was so much enthusiasm for the contest that we declared everyone a winner. The staff was extremely enthusiastic about their prizes - TR Snuggies.

-Lisa and Marilyn

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