January 21, 2010

Great NBCOT Certification Offer From LaGuardia Community College


Need to take the COTA certification test???

Attend the Workforce Center at LaGuardia on January 27th and qualify for for free training and payment ($520) to take the NBCOT Exam

For all LaGuardia OTA graduates who have not yet taken the exam - The Workforce Center at LaGuardia Community College is offering to pay for training as well as the full cost ($520) for taking the NBCOT Certification Exam. This offer is open to all LaGuardia OTA graduates who have not yet taken the exam.

To qualify you must complete the necessary forms on January 27th and bring with you:

Your resume
A current pay stub
  • A government ID (e.g., driver's license)
  • Authorization to work if you are an international student
  • Social Security Card (if available)
If possible, also try to get a letter from an OT employer. The letter can be addressed to Naomi Greenberg at LaGuardia Community College. The purpose is to enable the new Health Career Workforce Center at LaGuardia CC to get its funder to endorse training and payment for the certification exam.

The letter can focus on any or all of the following:

  • That there is a need for COTA's
  • That the site may anticipate having a job opening for a COTA
  • That the site would expect to increase the salary of an OTA by 10% if the OTA became certified
  • That the site would choose to hire a COTA over an OTA
  • That the site currently employs an OTA(s)/COTA(s) and would plan to replace them with COTA's if a position became vacant
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